COVID-19 Practices & Protocol | Southside Animal Hospital in Lansing, MI

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COVID-19 Practices & Protocol


Dear valued client of Southside Animal Hospital;

On Thursday 5/21, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer lifted official restrictions for veterinary facilities effective 5-29-2020. While this is a welcome occurrence for pets and pet owners requiring non-essential services, it does not signal a return to pre-covid activities. We understand that COVID-19 remains a threat in our community. With an abundance of caution and with a goal to keep our pet families and staff safe, we will be implementing a slowly progressive restoration of services. We are utilizing the AVMAs recommendations as a template for restoration. We graciously appreciate your patience and cooperation as we implement our new temporary “normal”.


What will be different: (effective June 1st 2020)

  1. We can schedule appointments for and see pets for non-essential services, including annual exams, vaccinations, anal sac expression, toe nail trims and heartworm testing.
  2. We are no longer prohibited from doing elective surgeries such as spays, neuters, dentals and growth removals
    1. Surgeries requiring equipment such as sterile gloves may need to wait until our supply chain is fully functional
    2. We have a very long waiting list of patients that we will need to work through for elective surgeries. Please be patient with us.
  3. We will be able to do some face to face appointments
    1. This will be for selected cases that cannot be done by curbside or telemedicine routes
    2. We ask that no more than 2 people accompany the pet into the clinic
    3. We ask that owners wear face coverings when in the clinic

What will remain the same:

  1. We will continue to limit access to our lobby and will continue collecting history and triaging the pet via phone
  2. Most procedures will be done via curbside pick-up of animal.
    1. Clients should park in the parking lot and call our office once they are here
    2. Our staff will triage your pet and collect a history
    3. Our staff will pick your pet up from the car, wearing a mask and we will examine the pet in the clinic
    4. We will call you on your cell phone to discuss our findings and further diagnostics or treatment.
    5. Dismissal and payment protocol will take place over the phone
    6. Your pet will be returned to your car by our staff
    7. We ask that if you are sick, have a pending covid test or a positive covid test that you do not personally bring your pet to the clinic
  3. When possible we will do telemedicine to decrease your risk of coming out to the clinic
  4. Most medication refills can still be done via mail
  5. Hills prescription food can be set up to ship directly to your home


Thank you!

-Southside Animal Hospital