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Posted By :    Shalonda  (
Posted :    2/15/2014
Comments :    I met these amazing women through an acquaintance. At the time, I lived in Grand Rapids where Hudson's vet and other vets would not treat him because he had a mass in his stomach. He was a Husky, 11 1/2 years of age and I was beside myself. I had met the Southside team at a rescue event I tagged along to and brought Hudson to them not long after. They were the only ones that gave my boy a chance and with their knowledge, instruction and highest quality of care, Hudson lived comfortably for a year and a half beyond what he was given by other doctors. We were also recipients of the giving tree at Southside as well. When I was told that someone had donated $100 towards my boy, I could barely keep from collapsing. I was so humbled and awww struck by the kindness, compassion, and selflessness of someone so freely giving to aide my boy whom was sick. I was crying and could barely speak, asking dumb questions like, What? Really? Why would someone do that? Really? Who? How can I thank them? I surely will pay them back. And she told me that it didn't work that way. That if I was meant to know, I'd know. I love that Southside leaves their "Angel" tree up all year round. As emergencies and sick pets, arise all the time. I began to volunteer for the rescue because I was astounded with what they were doing. I also adopted my boy whom is now 5 years old, and continue to volunteer and try to give back an inkling of kindness and care I was shown. Not only is the team at Southside some of the best people I know, but they have changed my life and made me a better person knowing them and am inspired by the amazing work they do. I tried taking Zeppelin to a "local" vet in Grand Rapids, but was never really happy with their service. They didn't seem to know my boy the way Southside does. 65+ miles and a few gallons of gas is by far a small price to pay, for receiving PRICELESS care for my Zeppelin. knowing that they care, that they really take the time to know my boy,plus receiving the highest, quality care possible and he is happy to see them, even after a nail trim and a butt pinch....
Posted By :    amy toune
Posted :    7/5/2012
Comments :    new to this clinic and first time dog owner. The staff seems very nice. Dr.Joyce was very easy to talk to.
Posted By :    John Maguire
Posted :    5/4/2012
Comments :    What can I say; I wouldn't take my dog (Kaleb) to any other place. Southside Animal Hospital has helped my little Kaleb (dog) when he had back problems and a mysterious lump on his side. All is better with the help and knowledge of Dr Heideman and staff. I’ve been to a couple different animal clinics in the past and Southside Animal Hospital has always had the best service. You can truly see how much they care for their patients and their owners. Thank you for everything you do to keep our pets (children) healthy.


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