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Emergency Preparedness


Medical emergencies can and do happen and are often emotional and frustrating times for pet owners. It can be helpful if you take a few simple steps to be prepared for medical emergencies for your pet. 


Tip #1 
Don't Panic! Although this is a very difficult time try to step back and take a few deep breaths. Your pet will not benefit from you being hysterical. 


Tip #2
Have the name and number for area emergency clinics easily accessible. We suggest putting a card with this information in your wallet and on your refrigerator. 


Tip #3
Make a list of your pets medical conditions and any medications they are on. Keep it somewhere easily accessible. 


Tip #4
Keep a copy of your pets vaccination records handy. 


Tip #5
You may want to make practice runs to your local emergency clinic so that you know the easiest route. 


Tip #6
You may want to take a pet first aid course to familiarize yourself with basic first aid techniques.