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General Wellness Exams and Preventative Care

Because of the shorter lifespan of pets, we recommend annual physical exams.


Parasite Testing and Prevention

We follow American Heartworm Associations guidelines in recommending annual heartworm testing and year round prevention.

We carry a full line of flea, tick and heartworm protection for your pet and individualized care for each patient.


Full Service In-House Diagnostics

In-house urine, fecal, fungal and microscopic analysis.

IN-house laboratory provides hematology, serum, chemistry, hormonal assays, including thyroid, FeLV/FIV, Parvo testing and tick born illness screening.

Digital Radiography.

Flexible endoscopy.

Internal medicine consults and ultrasound.

Appointments in advance.



Elective and sot tissue surgeries.

Orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate and patellar repairs.

Dental cleaning - scaling, polishing, extractions, minor oral surgeries.

Diagnostic surgeries including growth removal and histopathology.

Anesthesia using the safest available anesthetics and monitoring equipment.



Serum allergy testing and desensitization.

Hypoallergenic diet trials and counseling.

Ectoparasite control and diagnostics.

Ear infection diagnostics and treatment.

Symptomatic allergy relief treatment.

Full line of topical therapies.


Behavioral Counselling

Diagnostic and treatment for separation anxiety, house soiling, inter dog aggression, chewing, barking and spraying.


Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Joyce is a certified veterinary nutritional counsellor.

We carry a full line of prescription diets!



We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, prescription diets and shampoo.

Visit our Online Pharmacy - delivered to your home for your convenience.



Boarding services are provided to our clients!


Routine grooming is not available but therapeutic bathing is!


Emergency Care

We do not provide after hours emergency services. In the event of an emergency, please contact the

Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center

(517) 353-5420

View their website here!


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